1. Registration or verification difficulties

Reach out to UNIDAYS directly via “Support” by submit an issue ticket. (Reply within 1-2 business day)

2. How to know verification status?

Email notification will be send to student’s personal registered email.

In-order to re-verify themselves: -

(1st email – 7 weeks before the expiry)

(2nd email – 4 weeks before the expiry)

(3rd email – 1 week before the expiry)

3. How long does the Eligibility Code valid?

1 Calendar Year (1st Jan – 31st Dec)

4. If Eligibility Code requested on 31st Dec 2020 and student went to store on 1st Jan 2021, can use the same code?

No. Each Eligibility Code only valid for 1 Calendar Year (1st Jan to 31st Dec). So if the student received the Eligibility Code on 31st Dec 2020, then it will expire on 31st Dec 2020 (23:59).

5. If the Eligibility Code has expired on 31st Dec 2020 (23:59), can student request for another Eligibility Code from UNiDAYS?

Yes. Student can request for another Eligibility Code from UNiDAYS after it expired. However the student need to visit any of the participating stores to scan the “QR Code” to request for another Eligibility Code.

6. Is there a UNiDAYS App for the student to install?

There is no mobile app for UNiDAYS.

7. Who are the eligible students in UNiDAYS?

Only Hi-Ed Students (e.g Polytechnics, Colleges, Universities).