Special rate offers from 27th Sept - 31st Oct.

Trade-in your old devices for an amazing iPhone/iPad that you love.

To Do’s before send for trade in

  1. Backup your phone
  2. Perform factory reset
  3. Remove any Sim or SD cards
  4. Remove accessories (if any) on the phone. (ex: Casing, iRing, etc.)

Q: Who is eligible to enjoy the trade-in offers?

A: This offer is open to all customers who purchase a new iPhone / iPad device with iTworld, Apple Authorised Reseller Store.

Q: What are the phone brands that are entitled for this offer?

A: Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo and Huawei models are only eligible for the trade-in offer.

Q: What are the acceptable devices for trade-in? And how much is the trade-in value?

A: Kindly visit us at any of the participating store to get a quote. Generally, the quoted trade-in value is based on evaluation of average market-prices and the condition of the phone. We promise that our customers will get a fair value of the device traded-in. Sales specialist in-store will go thru simple & basic diagnose for further guideline checking. For stores listing, click here to find out more. *Devices where replaced/repaired by 3rd party also acceptable. *Non-working/stolen/trading unit will be not eligible for this program

Q: What are the new devices allowed to be purchased with the trade-in value?

A: All iPhone / iPad devices that are available under our current device offerings are allowed to be purchased with the trade-in value. However, you need to top-up the balance if the price of your new device is higher than the trade-in value. In the event where new device price is lower than the trade-in value, the extra value will be forfeited.

Q: Can I trade-in my old device for cash?

A: NO. Our trade-in offer is only applicable for purchase of a new device only.

Q: Can I still get back my device after I have performed the trade-in?

A: NO. Once you have agreed to trade-in your device and the transaction is completed, we will not be able to return the device to you.

Q: Will I be able to get back the data stored in my old device?

A: NO. We are unable to restore or retrieve any data from your old device once the transaction is completed. Please ensure you have performed a full data backup before you surrender the device to our service staff.

Q: Can I trade-in more than 1 device?

A: You may trade-in one (1) device only for one (1) new purchased device